The inexpensive dental insurance

The inexpensive dental insurance He added that the owners of health cards to be fully aware of all aspects of the use of this card, by inquiring about the benefits of their cards and type, and issues covered by insurance and the proportion of the costs of treatment, so as not to be surprised the patient to pay a significant amount because of the inclusion of the type of therapy under his insurance.


He added that the The inexpensive dental insurance guarantee requires the person to pay 20 dirhams each time to be disclosed to the general practitioner, and an additional 10 dirhams to be detected by the doctor in addition to the price of medicine, which also varies in amount, which is good if the guarantee covers all types of treatment.


He added that the insurance system in general, whether in health or in any other area, is a cooperative system that guarantees the participation of all in payment, so that the service to all rich or poor, the origin that the high salary can pay the cost of treatment without suffering, unlike the owners Wage wages, which should be more heavily subsidized by insurance, are the opposite of what is happening now.


He said the goal of health insurance is a lofty goal that we thank but needs to rethink its application, and how to distribute card benefits and services to large and vulnerable people.