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dental and vision plans for seniors | low cost dental care

dental and vision plans for seniors | low cost dental care

  • I purchased off  of Amazon because dental and vision plans for seniors they was running like  a  like hey.
  • I’ve been heading out on that to  Versailles go ahead and pick that up so the original price for this .
  • you may  be about to dollars on Amazon now other places it may be higher I did check Walmart had it.
  • on sale but you get  like a read you’ll pay like  but you get like a rebate and they’ll give you like an additional.

 It so that  was good but I ain’t have found away from the rebate.

  • and I needed my two brushes right now and I come to sell so I’ll only pay  for this toothbrush.
  •  which was a steal you can’t beat them with a stick honey so what .
  • I did was I picked up the new RV’s black spin brush and it looks like this I love this  too first you guys.
dental and vision plans for seniors
dental and vision plans for seniors
  • it is so bone um you can connect this to your cell phone helps you monitor your oppression patterns .
  • to make sure you’re not over brushing or under version or make sure  you’re not like damaging your.
  • gums and things like that but I don’t really use it for all that I do use a little time clock here and the time clock.

will tell you how long to brushing each quad you.

  • tell you how long how many seconds you should brush in each quad you should be brushing your teeth you
  • guys for about two minutes max every single time you brush your  teeth you need to brush them for about two
  • minutes so I’m sure your dealers have told you that but yeah you too brushing for about two minutes so
  • this is a little timer clock and it does tell me it’s Bluetooth to it so I love that  they have this clock my last one
  • had that and I was like okay I cannot go without you know having that little Bluetooth clock I know you know it’s

not a necessity to me I feel like it was because I had been using .

  • that too much for about six or seven years and I  wasn’t trying to go back when I wanted to upgrade and.
  • go a little bit further the last one didn’t give me four stars every time I’m burst a quad this one does and it .
  • also gives you like a little happy face when you have reached your two-minute mark of brushing your teeth  .
  • so I love that little extra gadget along with my toothbrush and the toothbrush also came with these little .
  • extra toothbrush heads the heads are detachable you just come to detach them on and off the toothbrush.